Monday, October 19, 2015


Capitalism can be good and 'profitable' for a country, every country needs to produce goods, at a profit, and the country's people need jobs. Any depression or recession ends with the factories starting back up and the people going back to work, these are the wheels of a thriving economy.

But capitalism unchecked, can go wild, and totally destroy the very economy that it helped to build. Some unconscionable capitalist would pay a wage of one dollar an hour, part time, to avoid paying an employees healthcare, without the slightest concern that the wage is unlivable, and demand that their homeless employee, take a shower before work; if their were no minimum wage laws. The fact that the minimum wage is itself unlivable, or that the children of their employee's go hungry, does not concern them, any attempt to raise the minimum wage, they will fight against the bill with every thing that they got.

They fight every socialistic program that is in effect, and functioning, like the Affordable Care Act (ACA Obama Care), Social Security and Medicare.

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