Sunday, September 27, 2015

Horrible History

This is a long quote by Daniel Pose - ""Socialist" is what Germans under Adolf Hitler called themselves. It is what Soviets under Stalin called themselves, too. And German socialists used the swastika symbol to represent crossed "S" letters, for their socialist dogma.

Hitler's Germans did not call themselves "Fascists" nor "Nazis" (so the definitions of these words is misleading and promotes widespread ignorance among people who attended government schools, (socialist schools) - Those other definitions are deceptively written to never mention that Germans under Hitler actually called themselves socialist.)"

I can understand why a guy like Hitler, in trying to get elected by the German people, would want to refer to himself as a 'socialist' he sure would not want to refer to himself as a 'dictator', 'madman', or monster; true though it may have been, but to be a 'socialist', meaning 'for the people', is what lead the German people to elect him, they did not know him, or that he lied to them.

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